LG webOS and Netflix


I’ve installed openhab and configured it to control my LG webOS TV, but I have a doubt.

I can select the applications and launch Netflix or Amazon for example, but after that openhab becomes kind of useless as it doesn’t have “arrow” keys to navigate through the apps and need the remote for it.

Is there a way to send up, down, left, right commands so I can select a movie or my only option is to use something like Broadlink to replicate all remote commands?


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That’s because it’s not what openHAB is for. OpenHAB is not a remote control software. You have a remote control for that. It was designed for that job and likely does it very well.
OpenHAB is an automation platform.

I have many automations in my house and I hardly ever look at or use the openHAB UIs.

Not everybody has the same purposes in home automation. I like to press a button on my tablet and turn on my multimedia devices and then keep using the same tablet as a remote.

You can increase or decrease the volume, change channel, start applications, so why not to have some extra features (if present on LG API) that will allow you to use a tablet instead of multiple remotes?

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He jmike72,

your request isn’t very recent anymore, but I just spotted it and am surprised that no answer has been provided yet.

The openhab LG webOS binding offers an item called RcButton, which takes commands like “UP” “DOWN” “LEFT” “RIGHT” “ENTER”. I guess this is exactly what you are looking for.

String   Livingroom_TV_RcButton         "Rcbutton"          {channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:<thingID>:rcButton"}