LG WebOS TV and Google Assistant - Application or Input?

Platform: Openhabian @ Raspberry Pi 3
Openhab version: 3.2.0

I have installed the LGWebOS binding and added the LG TV as Equipment with Points to my model. I am now trying to link the TV to Google Assistant through the GA Metadata. To turn on and off and mute with GA voice commands works fine, but I don’t get how I should configure the TV item for selecting application or input. There are separate items for Channel and Application, and the Application item correctly displays the current application/inut. I have assumed that these two items should be tagged with “tvChannel” and “tvApplication”, respectively, as described in the documentation of Google Assistant Action. The TV Equipment (group) is tagged with “TV”. I added all TV Thing channels as points, but there was no Input item to be found, and my hypothesis is that the LG TV does not separate between Input and Application. This is backed by the fact that when I query the list of applications in the console, the result contains both inputs (e.g. HDMI1) and applications (e.g. SVT Play). My conclusion is that I should treat both inputs and applications as applications. However, when I try to configure the application list for the TV item, I find nowhere to do it from the Main UI:

Furthermore, there is no “tvApplication” option in the dropdown list when I try to configure the GA parameters for the Application item:

I have tried to configure the TV item by adding the list of inputs/applications under Available inputs and tagging the Application item with “tvInput”, but when I try to sync with Google Assistant I get the answer that there was some “error syncing OpenHAB”.

Any ideas? Have I misunderstood something?