LgWebOS Applaunching integration with Google Home/Nest

Good morning everyone,
I have installed OpenHab 2.5 on a Lubuntu Netbook with which I command a LGTV Webos WOL, Power OFF and mute via Google Nest Mini

I want to add applaunching of Netflix and Prime via openHab and then connect those with my Google Nest Mini, but I have no idea how to create those settings.

Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

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This topic is for Windows but may give you some ideas for Lubuntu.

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With LGTV you could launch an application by setting the AppLauncher item. Just set it to “netflix” or “amazon”.

To command it via google assistant, you’ll need to create one virtual item called “Netflix” and another virtual item called “Prime”. Then you can tell google assistant to “Turn on Netflix”, and you write a rule that turns the TV on, and launch netflix. If you use metadata on the item, and group them, you only need to write one rule for both netflix and prime and any other app you may want.