LGWEBOS Channelname

There’s been a change to the LGWEBOS.
The appLauncher seems to work very good.
But the Channel, doesn’t work. There are lots of double channelnames found. And, apparently, no current channel number. I have a LG OLEDE6 with webos 3.0

This is definitely not a tutorial, so I have moved it, but I’m not sure what you are communicating, so I’m not sure if this a better category. Is this for a binding?

LG WEBOS is the binding. Channel (changed recently to keep the channel and the channelnames) is a channel (it’s a bit confusing with those names :wink: ) It’s very recently changed.

OK… this should go into the bindings category then :slightly_smiling_face:

In OH 2.5.3, you have now only one channel named channel. The channel channelName was suppressed. The remaining channel still store the channel number but there is dynamic options automatically built that allow any UI to display the channel number + the channel name and let the user to select his channel from a selection.

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