Licensed z-wave code

Possibly a stupid question and it might have been covered before but why are we still using reverse engineered z-wave code. Has anyone tried to go down the official channel and become a partner or get licensed? If it’s fees that are stopping us then why not do a crowd funding effort to get the money. I would gladly donate so that we could have lock support and future z-wave compatibility.


When you go down the ‘official’ route, you have to sign an NDA that states that you won’t release any information that they give you. Given that that this is an open source project, it would become extremely difficult, and whoever did this would have to be VERY careful not to be sued!

hrmmm, That is an unfortunate situation. I wouldn’t mind a private zwave plugin if it meant it worked with everything properly but I know there are many that would disagree. Thank you for the reply.

If something doesn’t work, then please raise a ticket. With a few exceptions, the information in the public domain should allow us to make it work ‘properly’.

Ok, I just started with zwave so I haven’t hit anything major. I know I would like to integrate locks someday so that would be the only hangup. I might get a vera just for locks but that is down the road a bit.

Work is currently ongoing to add the lock support so hopefully this will be supported reasonably soon.

That is awesome to hear. I like z-wave so far other than antenna range seems to be lacking. I might look at modifying my Sigma USB stick although so far I have moved it upstairs and am using it through virtual USB software to connect it to my OH VM which works great.