LiftMaster non-MyQ Integration

I wanted to share this here in case anyone is looking to do something similar to what I was. I like the idea of MyQ since it has a binding and it’s a known way to get your LiftMaster garage door working and integrated. The downside is, you have another remote system needing access to your network, another system that could be compromised and give rogue actors access to your controls, and a system that has to relay through other systems to take action (resulting in delay).

I personally, love ZWave as the standard for my smart home. I found the Linear GD00Z-4, which is a great solution! The problem, is LiftMaster Security+2.0 and the MyQ functionality, ruins the ability to use this successfully with your setup. If you’d like to do a small bit of disassembly and soldering however, you can make it work.

I’m linking the original post for reference/credit to the original creator. His information worked perfectly for me and I was able to get my garage controller integrated with the ZWave binding. Be aware, at the time of this post, ZWave secure inclusion is in testing as a beta binding. Search the forums and you’ll find the details on how to test it out. This is required to include the garage controller as it requires secure inclusion.

The s host version of the post, is that you need to disassemble the garage wall controller. It requires removing a single screw to pull off the housing from the wall, and unscrewing the two terminals with the red/white wires attached to the board. (Please pull the power before doing this!) Once you’ve removed the board, you simply need to solder the two wires from the Linear device (apparently doesn’t matter which ones where) to the push button legs. View the picture on the site for a detailed view, but essentially if looking at the board with the button on the top center, it’s the two right legs on the button. Put it back together (test before fully assembling), and you’ve got an integrated ZWave controller with your LiftMaster MyQ enabled opener.