LIFX Binding not Discovering Lights

Hello OpenHAB community,

I have recent moved to an openHAB instance installed via Docker running on my Unraid Server and have been migrating over my devices from a 2.3 install on a Raspberry pi.

Everything have gone mostly smoothly so far.

I am having difficulty getting the LIFX binding to discover my bulbs through the Paper UI. I have tried scanning through the Inbox as well as manually adding them with their device ID’s and/or their IP address.

I have tried restarting the LIFX bundle as well as the docker container.

Not seeing anything unusual in the logs.

Any help on what to try next would be appreciated.

The binding uses broadcasts with UDP port 56700 for discovery. IIRC these broadcast packets are not forwarded to containers also after mapping the UDP port. You can find many Docker users running into this if you search for docker udp broadcast.

The quick fix is to run the container in the “host” network as described in the Usage section of the container documentation. That will also fix UPnP/mDNS discovery issues. Note that when using Docker with Windows/macOS you cannot use the “host” networking driver.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was running in the host network already.

I went ahead and mapped port 56700 to UDP when the docker starts up. The auto discovery still wasn’t working but I am now able to manually add devices by IP. I’ve configured the lights to static IP address and they seem to be working now.