LIFX binding - temperature dimmer doesn't cover full colour temperature range

Hi Everyone,

I’m using OH3.0.0, and have a few LIFX lights in my setup.

The lights work as expected for the most part, except that the colour temperature (color for those in the US) doesn’t cover the full range supported by the lights - it maxes out at 2500K (temperature = 1.0 (number)/ 100 (on the dimmer slider)), when the lights can go down to 1500K. The other end of the scale is fine - temperature = 0 corresponds to 9000K, which is the coldest the lights support.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set temperature to max in OH - LIFX app shows 2500K (expected 1500K)
  2. Set temperature to min in OH - LIFX app shows 9000K (as expected)
  3. Set temperature to 1500K in LIFX app, OH shows max (1.0 / 100)
  4. Set temperature to max in OH - LIFX app returns to 2500K
  5. Create a new item (number) for colortemperature channel, set to >1, no change in LIFX or light

I use 1500K for dim light at night time and first thing in the morning, and would like to be able to automate this from OH, so I don’t have to use the LIFX app at all.

I can’t see any other mentions of this elsewhere - I don’t recall this being an issue in OH2.5.x, but I can’t be sure about that… it seems more like a binding issue than an OH3 issue.

I am happy to submit a bug request if that’s needed - just wanted to check I’m not doing anything stupid first…

The available temperature ranges depend on what kind of LIFX light you have and if it is properly detected by the binding.

The binding uses the temperature ranges as specified by LIFX, see:

What light (pid) do you have and is it properly detected?

Hi @wborn , thank you for the fast response!

In the current setup, I have 3 x BR30 (PID: 63) and 2 x Mini Color (PID: 49). My LIFX app gives me the option to go down to 1500K with both of these types. Both are properly detected in OH:

I can confirm that for the LIFX original and LIFX +, that 2500K is the floor (I have some of these in another setup).

It’s super odd that LIFX themselves have this set to 2500K - I wonder if they maybe forgot to update it after a firmware update?

What’s the right thing for me to do next? Create a PR for the LIFX products? Does the binding refer directly to the products.json? Or just use the values from it?

I’ve created this issue for it:

It doesn’t directly use it but the values are based on that file. I will then update the file used by the binding based on the updated products.json file. Maybe there is more to update besides these 2 lights. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Thank you very much for this, amazing support :smiley:

Have a great weekend! I’ll wait for the fix, and mark solved when it’s in.

I’ve created a PR for supporting features based on firmware versions in the binding as defined by LIFX in the products.json:

Amazing, thank you very much!!!