LIFX bulbs 1st Gen not Working

I have 2 1st gen LIFX bulbs that have stopped working. They appear as offline in PaperUI. The other 6 2nd gen bulbs work fine - anyone have any ideas?

Do they still work with the official LIFX app?
Did you turn off (cut power) the bulbs to do a soft reset?

Ok so it turns out it’s nothing to do with the generation of the bulb but these devices were on a different VLAN. The LIFX app supports going across vlans but the binding seems not to. How do I suggest this as an enhancement to the binding?

It’s probably best to make an issue at

What do you mean with “different VLAN”?

VLANs should be transparent to the devices, I think.

So if you use different VLANs, you (as the network administrator) are responsible for “connecting” the devices across the VLANs.
Usually by defining routes between the subnets and/or configuring your firewall.

Correct - I have a VLAN for infrastructure, one for adults and one for kids (but lets ignore that one).
My network addressing is for adults and for LIFX
I have removed ACLs from VLAN so it is purely fencing off multicast so it must be related to that.

You are right.
I didn’t thought the binding would be using broad-/multicast. But that could be the problem.

The LIFX binding broadcasts UDP packets to 56700 to discover lights. See also the LAN Discovery workflow.

The App by LIFX will most likely use the LIFX HTTP API to connect to lights that were not discovered with the LAN protocol broadcast.