LIFX Bulbs and usage in Open Hab - OpenHab2

Hello all. This is my first post into the OpenHab community. Been following along with OpenHab for many years and did install it many years ago, but the lack of devices available here in Australia did not work.

I’ve recently had install Smartthings (even thou not supported in Australia) and it has a good premise. What has let it down for me is the quality of service and products (4 dead sensors later!) and have now taken the jump back into OpenHab and using Zwave with Australia sensors. Fingers cross here they will be more reliable.

So my setup is. 6 lifx bulbs and 1 lifx color strip. 8 wemo switches and now 3 zwave motion + sensors and one door sensor. opps forgot to mention 1 Amazon Alexa and three dots and one Samsung smarthings hub.

The smartthings hub is now on the way out as I can’t use it for Zwave due to different frequency here in Oz and also found that using an Australian Zwave stick on my raspberry pi is working incredibly well. Thanks so much to Chris for all work he has done that (not sure yet how to bring in full links to the name on this forum).

Spent many hours now reading all the various posts on the OpenHab forum and wow. Lots of information. Love the weather widgets and done some stuff with it I would like to share soon.

What I do want to share is how to work with LIFX bulbs as my searches across the community have not provided easy solutions. Kai and team I’m aware you did alot of work on the temperature setting and I’m still now sure how that works.

How to make LIFX bulbs work within OpenHab really well and this does require you to go outside of Paper UI and back into the items list.

The LIFX bulbs will appear as things and items. What you need to create them as things.
Then create then as an item in the items file, with the following. (these are mine for one light),

Color b_lg1_color “Bedside Light One Color” (gLights, gBedroom) {channel = “lifx:colorlight:D073D511BAF1:color”}
Dimmer b_lg1_dimmer “Bedside Light One Dimmer” (gLights, gBedroom) {channel = “lifx:colorlight:D073D511BAF1:color”}

The trick and a very nicely implemented part of the LIFX binding is that you can define the bulb as being a dimmer (while also using the color channel) and this will accept values between 1-100 and work perfectly with it. Been testing it a few days now and it works perfectly!

Sorry this post is not in the best format available as it is my first post!

It’s nice to hear the LIFX binding also works well for you!

It is another way to change the color of a light using white values only. It works just like the “Whites” page in the LIFX app. A value of 0% sends a command to the light to use the warmest white color temperature (2500K). A value of 100% sends a command to the light to use the coolest white color temperature (9000K).

See also this reference on what color temperatures are used per application:

Source: Choosing the Right Colour Temperature for Your Rooms

The LIFX binding also comes with its own documentation with more details and examples, see: