LIFX command to change color without turning lamp on?

I would like to set rules that send a “change color” command to my LIFX (mini day and dusk) lamps.

This is kind of working now, but instead of just changing the color of the lamp the OpenHAB command also switches the lamp on. I’m using the LIFX bindings that can be installed as an addon in OpenHAB 2.5. The LIFX bindings have a channel for brightness and for color temperature, but not for on/off state. Any set color temperature command forces the lamp “on” if it was off (without sending an explicit turn-on command).

Is there any way to send a command to change the bulb’s color, without changing the on/off state? The standard LIFX app can do this.

My rules look like this:

I have the same problem and it did cost me so much time to figure out that sending a colour temperature command would turn the light on if it is off. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the colour temperature would affect the ON/OFF state and I never expected it to be this particular command when lights turned on at unexpected and random moments.

I tried many options to find a way around this issue, but all of them are kind of clunky. I currently use lambda functions in the rule to filter for lights with a colour temperature channel. Then I have to find an associated channel of type switch or dimmer to check if the light is on and only then send the new colour temperature command. I works, but is such a bad solution.

I am not sure if this is a limitation of the LIFX lights itself or if it is the binding. The way it should work is that the binding should check the state of the light and only send the new colour temperature command to the LIFX thing when the light is on. This would solve so many problems. I could simply send a new colour temperature command to all lights that support colour temperature after, as in my case, the sun elevation angle changes.

So, dear LIFX binding maintainers, please could you look at this issue and update the binding accordingly if that is possible at all.

I just submitted an issue for this: [LIFX] binding: can't change color temperature without turning on LIFX mini Day & Dusk bulbs & channel on/off channel missing · Issue #9700 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub