Lifx effects


LIFX app has the the option to start light effects (party, random etc.). Is there a way to activate those effects from openHAB (using the Lifx binding)? If not, has anyone created rules that generates those effects?


The effects are generated by the LIFX App itself. So you cannot easily activate them on a light with a simple command. Implementing them in the binding is an item on my TODO list, see also my WIP ESH PR #4362. :wink:

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Thx for the update. Great to know it is goinf to be part of the binding.

Thx for your answer and work!

I’m very interessted in being able to start effects for Lifx in Openhab.
specially in the candle flicker effect
Who can I manage this or when will there be a possibility to trigger in the binding?

It’s still pretty high on my TODO list. :slight_smile:

It also helps that LIFX recently released some more details on messages that can be used for effects:


Any update on this?
Lifx will release some interesting new products soon, for that it will be great to be able to use the effects as well


I haven’t been able to spend much time on it because of the whole ESH reintegration, bnd migration and summer things. :sun_with_face: But since that’s all done now there’s more time for working on my TODO list.

Are you planning to get a Christmas tree :christmas_tree: full of LIFX candelabra lights or a TV Light Strip :tv: ?

Not a christmas tree but I have a lamp with 5 lights in my dining room and I want put lifx candles in and do some candle effects. :yum: and yes I have a tv light strip too


I´m using the tile effects with the new 2.5 version - thats really great, THANKS!
is it possible to add the “move” effect for the Z Stripe.
This effect works same like morph and flame and comes with the device not the app
its also possible to switch this move effect on and off with the amazon alexa app but I would prefer to controll everything with openhab