LIFX Switch support

I got the LIFX switch, but can’t use it in my OpenHAB configuration as it is not supported with the current LIFX binding. Is the switch support for the LIFX binding in development? Any idea if time when it will be available?

Welcome to the OpenHAB community Dirk!!!
Wouter Born is listed as the code owner of the LiFX binding, he is very active developer, perhaps create an issue on github requesting support for your device.
Go here if you know how to do it or ask for help creating github issue if you have no idea what I’m talking about

Thanks Andrew, didn’t know about the github request, sorry. I have now submitted the request on github and will report here my experience if it gets implemented.
Thanks Community - keep up the great work!!!

It doesn’t look like there is an official API (LAN, HTTP) that can be used for supporting the Switch with openHAB.

From what I’ve read the Switch itself is using the HTTP API for controlling lights. I.e. you cannot switch your lights without their cloud.

Thanks for the quick response Wouter. I understand it might not be possible to implement my feature request. I bought the LIFX switch because I like the lights very much and assumed the switch would nicely integrate with them (which it doesn’t). I should have done more research on the switch before wasting my money.

I might have a play with redirecting the HTTP requests from the switch to the LIFX cloud in my router. Maybe I can catch and respond to those requests locally.

Are other switches known for working well with LIFX in an OpenHAB environment?

If they’ve made a secure implementation using HTTPS you probably cannot sniff the traffic or get the payload after redirecting requests to another server since you won’t have a trusted HTTPS certificate. If they would, it allows for a man in the middle attack in which an unauthorized person can get access to your account.

As long as a switch is supported in openHAB you can create some rules to switch your lights. There are many supported ZigBee/ZWave and also cheap Aqara switches you can use with some rules.

I don’t use any smart switches myself since my lights are usually controlled by motion/sun position/time of day and device power usage. For overrides I use voice commands or an app.

I have tried a couple of things, but was unable to find any use case where the LIFX switch makes sense in my configuration. It even got worse as the switch interfered with OpenHAB and turned the lights randomly on and off. Probably because I update the colour temperature of the lights regularly from the sun position. Anyway, I have removed the switch now, $180 AUD wasted :frowning:

So far I am still looking for a switch that would suit my requirements. All of the ZigBee/Z-Wave switches that I checked so far have some property that disqualifies them. At a minimum they must be approved in Australia, horizontally (landscape) mountable, touch/glass surface, work with OpenHAB, must be able to switch “dumb” lights as well as integrate with the automation. Must not require Internet/Cloud to operate. Wall power outlets with matching design to the switch must be available. Must be available in 1-4 gang version and a light/fan switch combination would be nice too.

I will keep looking, but add more motion sensors in the meantime. The switches are intended mainly for scene switching, not so much for single lights.

Thanks for your help.

KNX systems often offer “glossy panels” as control points, at a price. You’d then need KNX actors to control dumb lamps. But openHAB can interface to any other tech.