LIFX Tile with Ikea floating shelves

Hi Guys,

I just finished installing my LIFX Tiles with some floating shelves from IKEA. It turned out pretty good. I was a little disappointed to find out that I can not control the zones in the tile, would be great for advanced notifications etc. Let me know what you think!

LIFX Tile setup | openHAB install


That’s a nice video on the Tile and it’s good to see at least the basic functionality works with openHAB! :slight_smile:

The Tile uses another protocol so that’s why you currently can’t use it like a LIFX Z.

See also my reply on:

Thanks @wborn!

Strange thing (good) with tile is that if you start an effect (like morph) with tile it continues even after you turn on/off with openHAB and its long closed on the phone. This does not happen with the Strips, or bulbs (at least not for me!).

Hopefully at some point we can target the zones with the binding, could be some cool applications for that!

Thanks for the feedback.