Light control with outdoor sensor

I would like to be able to control my light in the apartment depending on the daylight. What kind of sensor do you use for this? A daylight sensor that is suitable for outdoor use?

I find the Homematic IP (HmIP-SLO) interesting. However, I would like to clarify in advance if it works with my setup. Something with ZigBee would also be good. Really cool would be a free REST service on the Internet, which provides such data.

Current setup:

OpenHAB2 on DietPi, Raspberry Pi
Homematic with CUL-Stick and Homegear
Philips Hue with Hue Bridge
Fibaro over Z-Wave

If just related to daylight I tend to use the astro binding to determine that. No sensor needed.

Yes, that’s how it is with me at the moment. But it is too static. In autumn and winter it is often dark, although the earth is facing the sun.

Some weather providers have some of the data that may be useful. That depends to some extent where you are located,

Hamburg, Germany