Light Effects Generator

Hello Community!

I am deploying a number of LED lights in my home:

  • Simple RGB(W) Bulbs
  • Various NeoPixel / WS2812B / WS2811 / SK6812 as strips, matrix or ring

I will also use various hardware controllers and protocols to control the lights. While openHab has the nice colour wheel inside, there are not really any “effects” available.

Is there a software/plug-in can generate effects?

I will use an esp8266 to control a WS2812B / NeoPixel strip with ArtNet protocol. There is Windows-software such as Jinx! and Glediator available to control the lights via Wifi, however this software does not run on my RasPi where the OpenHab is installed on. It would be nice if I can choose/configure some effects from the openHAB UI (or even automate it). I have found this: which could be a starting point. It seems however there is no OSC binding for openhab.

It would be nice to have a configurable software with the following features:

  • set-up your lights (e.g. how many colours, how many LEDs in which setting (strip, matrix, ring…))
  • create effects (even simple dimming to another colour etc)
  • start/stop or automate effects from openHAB UI
  • support multiple protocols and controllers
  • configurable special effects (audio VU meter, clock effects, sunrise effect combined with alarm)…

This could be a great feature addition, what do you think?

If these third party applications have an API, OH can call into that API.

There are all sorts of technologies that deal with lighting. Each have their own capabilities and ways with freaking with lighting behaviors. Consequently most of that sort of thing is coded into the binding for that technology. Fur those that don’t support those sorts of features, errors are used to implement the behaviors.

While not impossible, off the top of my head, i don’t know weather implementing something like this week work as a binding. Perhaps an action… Ultimately, once the new and improved rules engine becomes more complete this shirt if thing would be implemented in reusable generic rules logic.

I decided that PixelController is the software to go with for now as it has many features and can open source. It is possible to add effects later maybe…

Now I need to implement a OSC Binding to talk to PixelController.

Hello binding pixelcontroller is complete?