Light setup for running HABPanel on RaspberryPi Zero with a touch screen

As the title says I plan on running OH2 on a RasPi Zero with a 7" Touch LCD attached to it with HABPanel loaded on the touch screen. I face a few performance issues.
I tried Epiphany but the scripts for HABPanel don’t seem to work at all. I tried installing Chromium but I have’t succeeded yet so I thought if there is a different approach to it. An approach that could even get rid of the window manager to save resources. Does anyone have a trick to load a browser in full screen mode without loading (almost) anything else?

Hi there,

this is a topic of interest for me, too, as I was planning to setup a screen with just a Pi Zero, like you, for the kitchen wall. Did you manage to set up a browser reaching the performance goals for HABPanel yet?


Why do you not just use a cheap 7" Android tablet for that?

No :frowning: OH2 on the smartphone is actually fine, but the responsiveness on the screen is bad for my taste

@HolgerL if you are ok with the budget, I would swap the Zero for a RasPi 3 and you stop caring about resources etc. :wink:

For the price of the Raspi Touchscreen you also can buy a complete tablet, and that sits nice and slim on the wall :wink:
I paid 69€ for a 8" one a while ago, but you get 7" starting with 35€ or so.

Didn’t know these were the prices :wink:
Thanks @HolgerL

But do these cheap tablets really perform acceptable?
Most of these cheap tablets have a large border frame, but that would be okay for me :wink:


Yes, mine has a 2*1,2GHz processor. I would say this is the low end what can be used. It is not very fast, but reaction time is ok.
If you take a Raspi3 + Raspi Touchscreen + SD card + Power supply + Housing you end up with 130…150€ for your setup. And then you have still to mount it in a nice way on the wall. There I think a tablet does it much better.

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Seems reasonable. :wink:
I will have a closer look once I have set up openHAB for the main panel and integrated the “things” I have.

Where did you buy those tablets? Local European market or from Asia?


I bought mine from a German shop, but if you have time you can also look directly in China.

At Idealo I found this one for reasonable 55€: Point Of View Tab i847