Light status not changing back

Hi There.

I just started using OpenHab on a fresh Raspberry Pi 3b+

After some testing and trying i created some light switched and sensors.

For some reason after turning a light on in the OpenHab app and turning it off in the Philips Hue app this status is not updating in the OpenHab app.

The light status stays on even if the ligjt is off. Just because i didn’t turn it off in the OpenHab app.

Did i miss something?.

I’v set-up everything within PaperUI and created a basic house within the HomeBuilder.

You probably need to tell us a little bit about your Item and its bindings.


I have 4 lights in my livingroom. These lights were set-up with the Philips Hue app and connected to OpenHab with the hue binding.

After that i created 4 “Things”. The strange thing here is that the channels are everything but ON/OFF. I have options like: Color/Color Temperature/Alert/Color Loop. I choose Color.

These extended color lights have only two channels. You should add multiple items, like Dimmer, Switch etc. (see also binding docs) to get them to work as expected.

Alright. Sounds fair.
But what if i just want to turn these lights on and off.

They just don’t sync correct.
Ik have these 4 lights also in a group. When i turn off the group the seperate lights stay “turned on”