LIght stops working if internet goes down, why?

So today my cable provider did have technical issues, so of course openhab were not able to connect to the internet. What suprised me was that the light then stopped working, everything is connected to an rpi. I didnt have much time to debug before the router came online again, so I am not sure if the rpi registered my input switches(hardwired to GPIO), but my light and alexa did stop working. My lights are connected with OLA on port 9090 through a usb dmx dongle. So what I am wondering is if that i have given the IP address as 192.168.15:9090 in the configuration instead of localhost:9090 could be the issue.

Or if the rpi is just getting overload, when several of bindings(chromecast,mqtt,netatmo,http,cloud,echo,etc…) can not reach internet and it then just get to busy to handle all the request.

All is up running again nicely now when i got internet back, but for the future it would be nice to have lights in case the internet goes down for longer time periods.

Does anyone else have issues when internet goes out?

How did you try to control the light?

To use Alexa you need internet.

Using the habpanel, basicUI schould work, IMHO.
Using the app configured with myOpenHab should also need internet, if no local address is configured.

But you could test this by just unplugging the internet connection of your router. Maybe this is really a problem of to many blocking actions.

Light switches, i.e hardwired to GPIO, but lights are rgb dmx lighs running OLA on the RPI, so it could be light switches are OK, the OLA not… I will try this afternoon again, (Just a bit of work to get to the RPI…) Tablet also stopped working even though its connected to same router.

If your router is also acting as your ethernet hub and/or ethernet to WiFi gateway and/or WiFi Access point and/or DNS lookup … maybe that was ‘asleep’.
Most routers should continue to do all that without a working broadband of course.

Maybe, its a combined router and TV unit, from our local provider.

Perhaps I should consider getting a separate router(cons: another box, cabling, more power usage, pros: can set static Ip, see name of connected devices)

As your home automation gets more complex, there might be value in the extra configuring and security options of your own box, over the providers presumably limited offering. Guess you’ll have to keep that to keep TV, so the challenge would be getting a 3rd-party router playing nice alongside it?

I’ve done something similar with a full-function router “underneath” a fibre-providers function-limited offering, it was fiddly but viable. General idea was to treat the fibre router as a modem only, configure and link a DMZ port on that to an ethernet WAN port of the full-func router.