Light Switches/Dimmers - looking for input

I have been playing around with openHAB for a bit. Current setup is running v2.0b3 on an RPi. Currently using the MiOS binding to talk to the switches and garage door controller.

I started out with some GE Switches/Dimmers. I not liking the depth of the switches. If I need to put more than one of the smart switches in a gang box it becomes too crowded. I would like to get something that would fit better.

I have looked at the Cooper/Eaton switches and they specs seem to have better dimensions. I was going to order a couple to test out but it looks like the “accessory switches” (RF9542-ZAW) are a bit hard to find. I did see one on Amazon but it was significantly marked up.

Does anyone have any tips for making the GE install better? or a recommendation on a better brand of switch that is available?

I am based in the US.



You didn’t tell, but apparently you’re looking for zwave equipment, and for actuators to put below the physical switch - don’t you ? That’s the far more common way of building things, so this is why you find little combined switches/actuators out there.
The smallest devices I know of are the Qubino and Fibaro ones, they fit into a 60mm receptacle.
Both are EU companies but sell US versions, and many OH users are happily using at least the Fibaro devices:
FGD-212 for a dimmer and FGS-222 as dual relay.

Thanks @mstormi. Yes I am currently looking at z-wave products but would be willing to expand to other technologies if they were better or easier.

I will take a closer look at the devices you mentioned. I did not look at that route originally because I thought the full z-wave switch would be easier :frowning:

I’ve got GE dimmers as well. Before I bought any smart switches and before I installed my boxes, I was warned by my brother-in-law to get deep boxes, as it seems smart switches are generally just deep. That said, I’ve made it work in existing boxes here with a bit of fiddling when necessary. I think my backup solution would just be to remove the box and toss in a deeper (3") one.