Lightify UK bridge in USA?

I would really like to find a way to get my lightify bulbs here in the USA working with the Philips hue bridge. My understanding is that lightify in the USA uses the ZHA standard while the European version and Philips all use the ZLL standard.

I was wondering what would happen if I replaced my lightify bridge purchased in the USA with one purchased from Europe. Would the European bridge be ZLL and then convert my bulbs to that standard?

My understanding is that this is all handled in the bulb firmware. So if that would reprogram them yes in theory it would fix the problem.

I may give this a try, still not sure if want to waste the money in getting and shipping one from the UK to the US.

Can anyone confirm if the firmware is different on the Lightify Gateway in the UK vs in the US?

I was just wondering also if one was to spoof their home ip from a US address to a UK IP address, if the Hub would react differently and update to a ZLL standard? Probably not, but just curious how Osram pushes out updates.


I’ve emailed Osram’s support and the tell me if I unpaired and repaired the lights to a European bridge that that would NOT work and they would still be on the ZHA standard.

I’m trying to push Osram to convert my bulbs to ZLL or 3.0. Internet searches say they used to do it, but not anymore.