Lighting switch control

I am working on a lighting switch which has a socket in the back is rj45 socket anyone know how to deal with this and what this socket make in lighting switch?
when I search, I found that rj45 is for communicating through rs485…

Could you post a more detailed photo of the technical data shown on the picture. I suggest to find a documentation of this switch.

In particular the device type/model is relevant.

And about the RJ45 socket: it is mostly used for Ethernet (network) but can also ‘hide’ any type of serial interface like RS485, RS232, etc.

I searched in google but I can’t find anything about this model “SLS-SE30I” or this switch overall.

but I connected it to the network and laptop, there is no connection and the device isn’t seen, also I want to connect it with raspberry pi to control the switch remotely through the pi.

It often takes more than just plugging in to make a device working (for instance it could have a fixed IP address and subnet you should accomodate). But as I said, it is also likely that it is a serial interface.

Where did you buy this device, on eBay, AliExpress, or elsewhere. Do you have a link to that sellers site?
And you didn’t receive any documentation with it?

BTW, a sharper picture might also help us help you… :sunglasses:

Of course, but I didn’t have any documentation about it, and make a search too much time and didn’t reach anything.
thanks for helping.

Might even be a KNX or DMX module, but using those terms didn’t help searching.

A clear photo of the label would be good. What does the other side of the panel look like?