Lighting tcp connected brand (now a how do i XML Question)

How would one start in trying to determine how to Either make a new binding or make use of an existing one to interact with the tcp connected lights… He starter kit is a mere £35 in homebase for two bulbs and a hub.

This is the corporate site
There are apple and android apps, so some sort of tcp/Udp connection must be there to the gateway.
The bulbs give feedback which is cool.

Some better digging shows this

It implies some XML transactions… Will have to read up on that in OH :smiley:

How would I go about sending http requests with XML content, akin to this


I have the node.js version working from the above github, but I’d like to not have to learn another poxy language to bridge it to OH :slightly_smiling:



I’m also a newbie to OpenHAB who owns a bunch of Connected by TCP smart lights.

I’ve been able to get them working in OpenHAB. Here is a thread in this forum where I was asking some questions about it How to get OpenHAB to send and receive Node.js requests

Since then I’ve gotten everything working. If you want to checkout my code and methodology I’ve posted it on github. Use the develop branch at SingleDadLiving/connectedbytcp


Oh WOW, thats fantastic!!! I can finally get this working properly in the house, and also rush out to buy smart bulbs for £7.5 each :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll try and help.

I actually went to home depot here in Canada and bought 12 bulbs, they were on clearance for a crazy price of $6.49 which would be £3.54 :slight_smile:

What were the permissions issues you had to sort out?

my node stuff lives in /home/stuart/node_modules/connectedbytcp but i chown 'd it to openhab… is that enough?
I dont seem to get any errors in the debug log for the exec binding etc.
Currently just trying to test the All on/off function.

Ahhhh ha, I think its a general permissions issue… Openhab cant seem to run node from execute.

I think I copied all the node modules to the scripts directory of openhab, then changed the permissions to the openhab user, in my case pi. Then updated my rules to reference the new path

Thanks. Will try that once I get my OH install working properly again :frowning:
After trying this JS stuff my serial connection wont work and the squeezebox stuff is a bit dodgy now too… I’ve half fallen out of love with OH now :lol:

Are these lights and gateway supported as a binding or via node.js?

The github: seems to indicate that functionality is currently broken because the api authentication for the gateway has changed.

Would be good to know as these are very reasonably priced right now.

The code mentioned in this post continues to function despite the following announcement by TCP:

We regret to inform you that
we are making changes to our support model and will be discontinuing
the following services associated with the Connected by TCP system
effective June 30, 2016:

Access via the internet and connectivity through cloud services Updates of the TCP Lighting App

Importantly, the following functionality will be unaffected by these changes in services:

Lighting controls through a local (Wifi) connection General Illumination with Connected by TCP bulbs


This caused the price of these bulbs to fall dramatically. I found approximately 30 bulbs at $2.00 US per bulb at an auction of what appeared to be items returned after purchase at Home Depot. The gateway (still required) was around $30 US on Ebay which didn’t feel like a good price but the sticker (also a Home Depot return) was over $90 US.

I’m happy to report the code mentioned in this thread: does continue to function as of today, Oct 22 2016.

@sentur OH rules call nodejs code which interacts with the gateway. This means the same nodejs code can be called from the command line which is useful for debugging. I had some issues getting the sample item/sitemap/rules working because of some mismatched paths in the rules which I resolved by altering them to be fully qualified paths.

edit: the official “TCP Lighting” app by Greenwave Systems (at least on android) can still be used to name and control bulbs as well as create and assign rooms.

I’ve been trying to integrate my TCP bulbs and found this, but I’m getting a bunch of npm errors trying to install the package. Is there an install guide anyone might have put up somewhere on the internet? In my previous build I ran into the same issues but actually just found a (painful) way around it using the HTTP binding. But I had to work some SSL certificate magic that time, and now after migrating to a Pi3 I can’t seem to replicate that so I’m stuck with fatal transport errors when openhab tries to access the TCP https address for a bulb. Any help would be appreciated!