Lights not controllable, showing as switches

Hi All

For some reason, Alexa now doesnt like my lights. They are defined as so:

Dimmer KitchenDim1 "Kitchen [%d %%]"                                   (Group_HabPanel_Dashboard,gAllDimmers)                  { mqtt="<[broker:/house/out/KitchenDim1/state:state:default], >[broker:/house/in/KitchenDim1/command:command:*:default]", alexa="PowerController.powerState,BrightnessController.brightness" }

Yet, they appear as switches. Any reason why? I cant say ‘Alexa, turn on the Kitchen light’. She will only accept turn on the Kitchen.


Have you tried to use Lighting metadata instead or set the metadata parameter category="LIGHT" on your item? I am assuming Alexa is seeing this device as a switch. You should be able to confirm in your Alexa app.

I did, ill also try delete and readd all the items.

Not sure what to tell you. Something may have changed on the Alexa side. The post below may point out to the same issue. I don’t think there is a solution other than labelling your item exactly how you want to call it.

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Thanks Jeremy, ill review that post

Seems this doesnt recognize it as a light still

Switch GarageSw1   "Garage"           (Group_HabPanel_Dashboard,gAllLights,gInsideLights)               { channel="zwave:device:1a3feba2:node9:switch_dimmer", alexa="PowerController.powerState", category="LIGHT" }

category should be a parameter and not a separate metadata value.

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