Lightwaverf doesn't send on command

Complete beginner so probably due to my lack of knowledge. When a switch is switched on from the iPhone app the broadcast packet contains “!R2D4F1|La mp 3|” but when broadcast from openHAB it looks like this “!R2D4F1.”. It does not appear to contain any instruction to turn on. Please see below the sitemap file:

sitemap default label=“My House”
Frame {
Switch item=Switch2 label=“Button Switch” mappings=[ON=“On”, OFF=“Off”]

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The sitemap is not very helpful :slight_smile: please show us at least the item definition and maybe the mapping or javascript, if used in item definition.

Please see below from items file:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) Lights “All Lights [(%d)]”

Switch Light1 “Light1” (Lights_Control, Light1) { lightwaverf=“room=2,device=4,type=SWITCH” }

I can’t help with the specific problem but I do see some errors in the Item you posted.

  • Light1 is not a members of Lights
  • You have no Lights_Control Group
  • Light 1 is an Item, not a Group, and even if it were a Group, a Group cannot be a member of itself

Everything in the ( ) must be the name of a Group, not an Item, and it must not be the name of the Group currently being defined. In other words, it makes no sense to put “Light1” in the parens.

Please see below the update items file. Not sure why the on or off command is not sent it just broadcasts the room & device ID’s? Presume the binding should do this?

Switch Light1 “Light1” { lightwaverf=“room=2,device=4,type=SWITCH” }
Dimmer Dimmer1 “Dimmer1 [%d %%]” { lightwaverf=“room=2,device=1,type=DIMMER” }