LightwaveRF Link Gen 2 Binding(Gen 2 API has been realsesed)

Hello All,

starting to properly get into openHAB with custom code and bindings,but have no idea how to start developing a binding. i know theres alot of content on the web about it BUT i have only just started to learn coding.

is there anyone that can help develop a LIGHTWAVRF LINK(gen2) binding if i can get all the information required for the API?

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Thanks vozorglub, i have read through that countless times and still have no idea where to start.

and i cant really learn things that way,i am more of a talk through and show learner.more that happy to start building the binding if someone can talk/walk me through it

especailly now that LightwaveRF have realesed the public API for Link Plus(Gen2) and you can requested and API barer and refresh token from instide the app

if anyone can help with this i am sure it woould help alot of people out that are frustrated with the lack of API for gen 2 devices up until this point

I have successfully integrated Gen2 into my openhab setup if you would like to try this and report back.
The more users try it and give me feedback the better as i have limited devices

1: Download both attached files, remove the txt extensions and place in the relevant folders.
2: Ensure openhab has write access to both rules and items folders
3: Put lightwave email address and password in the top of the rules file
4: Add the switch created (Authentication_Switch) to a sitemap/habpanel
5: Hit the switch and monitor the log

  • (Exec 1-5 delete existing created files to allow for updates so these will error out the first time you run)
  • Exec 6-10 create the new files

EDIT: Please use the rule file located on the Lightwaverf Binding Updated thread. Fully working.

LightWave_Setup.items.txt (28 Bytes)

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Trying to implement this. But I can only see one file attached, not two. Plus what the relevant folders? Thanks!

@Trikkitt Read this thread instead :+1:


More specifically this post: Their was a slight bug which I haven’t uploaded new files for yet so scroll down a couple and another user posted a fix

LightwaveRF Binding Updated