Limit log level for certain items/things

Hi all,
is there a way of limiting the log output to events.log for certain items or entire things?

My problem is, that my heating system is publishing a huge amount of MQTT signals once every minute or even faster, that clutters the log file. The communication is running quite stable, so usually I don’t need the log from the heating, but from other systems I do.

Thanks for tips,

Are the “other systems” also MQTT? If not, just set the log level of the MQTT binding to error or warn. Not sure if it’s possible to set a log level for individual Items…

In the karaf console, enter something like:

log:set error org.openhab.binding.mqtt

Thanks, T and Rich,
I will do as described. As all MQTT things work fine I will set the log level down. And I will read into the topic a little.
See you,