Limit room control on each device (user/role?)

Hi, I’m wonder if OpenHAB can limit the control on each device? For example, the house has rooms, living room, kitchen, parent’s bedroom, son’s bed room and daughter’s bedroom.

  • On parents’ mobile phones, they can control devices in all rooms except their son and daughter’s rooms.
  • Their son’s phone can control all rooms except his sister and his parent’s room.
  • Their daughter’s phone can control all rooms except her brother and her parent’s room.
  • A home control tablet can only control living room and kitchen.

In short, it is 5 devices share control over 2 rooms. And then 3 devices control 1 extra its own room. Is it possible to setup user permission like that?

Not really. You might be able to set something up that does that using a reverse proxy and using client certs or something like that. But at this time there is no way to limit access based on user native to OH.

You could use different sitemap’s for each user which only displays their intended controls, and taking it one step further, potentially use your router to restrict access to the other sitemaps based on the device IP/MAC address if there is a parental controls type feature.

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I would say yes, but depending how tech savvy the involved persons are, it will be more or less effective.
You could create different sets of HABPanels (e.g. “dad” “son” “daughter” “mom”) serverside with the required controls and assign them to the devices. On the plus side, you can tailor them to each divices screen size. This will work OK until they figure out how to assign another or make their own HabPanel.
If they manage to bypass it, at least they learned something along the way :wink:
And then you can prep up your skills and do some reverse proxy IP magic stuff. It’s a race…