Link extra .items file to site map

Hello I am sure this must be written somewhere but I can seem to find it so please send me in the correct direction if it is there. :smile:

I have my normal home.items file where I kept all my information but it is getting rather large and I would now like to split it into different files for maintaining my system better.
So I would like to have a
switch.items - for all my switches
weather.items - weather station

I have created the various items file but if I move a switch item from my home.items file to the switch.items file the switch no longer works in the classic UI. Now I assume that I would need to link to the new items file in the site map but I cannot find any info as to how to do that or does the sitemap “detect” the new item file?

Thank you for all the super info here !!

Yes, no need for manual intervention.
If you have a lot of items it can take a minute after changing your items files until openHAB has read all the contents back in.
You may create as many individual *.items files as you want, those will be catched up by openHAB automatically.

If something does not work your openhab.log should tell you what is wrong …


And to add to what sihui stated, when you see weird behavior like that often a restart of OH will clear things right up.


@rlkoshak and @sihui as with most things patience will sort most problems :smile: . Got every thing sorted and now works well!

Thank you for the help once you know what to look for it makes it a lot easier to find the little “bugs” or IO issues.

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