Linking between Sitemaps in BasicUI

Hi all,

I’m trying to link between sitemaps in BasicUI so that I can navigate back and forth. The code in Link Sitemaps works for ClassicUI but not for BasicUI - it simply renders the entire href as text:

Does anyone know if there’s an updated method of creating links between sitemaps in BasicUI?


I just ran into the very same.
Either this is a bug, which seems to have been there very long, or it simply doesn´t work in BasicUI.

Using Rpi3 with hasslefree openhabian
Openhab 2.3

I´m trying to make an external link. It gives the same faulty results in BasicUI.

I followed the doc´s from gtithub: (look at the bottom).

This is my item file:

//Link test
String Openhab "<a href=''>Weather Underground</a>"

This is my sitemap file:

sitemap traening label="Trænings map"
	Frame label="Link test 1" {

		Text item=Openhab


This is the result:

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@Kai Do you know wether the above is a bug, or isn´t it suppose to work in BasicUI?

That’s definitely no officially supported feature…

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Okay, I guess it used to be an Openhab1 feature.
This is solved then!