Linking channel manually - how does it work?

I have developed a binding that seemed to be working correctly. However once I tested it with the “simple mode” unchecked in the paper UI, i realized I can’t link the channels. With the simple mode on, the automatic linking happens without any problem but when I try to do the linking manual with the mode off and I click on the + sign to add a link … nothing occurs. I don’t see much about the linking process in the doc so I have no idea who to start addressing the issue. Any idea ?

I finally resolved the issues I described above and I am sharing the solution in case someone else runs into the same problem. To understand what was going on, I tracked the execution of the UI java code on the client side and realized the channelTypeUID was missing from in the Channel object.That produced an error in the client when manual linking a channel. With the simple mode on, the linking is automatic and happens on the server side so the missing ChannelTypeIUID does not seem to matter.
Bottom time line when creating a channel programmatically, it is necessary to create a new ChannelTypeIUID object and use it to add the ChannelType to the channel with the .withType method applied to the ChannelBuilder object.
Interesting, the missing channel type did not prevent the channels to operate perfect most of the time, it was an issue only when linking manually.