Linking Docker Containers (dashing and postgres) (Openhab Dashboard)

Hello again,

i modified the Dashboard UI from @smar . it is great.
But i want to run Dashing and all related services in a docker container.
A docker container with dashing (without postgres) won’t work. So i decided to use the postgres container and installed the dashing service. After any kind of restart, i need to sign on and execute the following:

cd /dashing
dashing start

Is there anyone that is familiar with docker?
I am using docker on a synology DiskStation, so i don’t have access to all docker related command-line tools.

Linking a Postgres-Docker Container is described here

$ docker run -d --name db postgres/postgres
$ docker run -d -P --name dashboard --link db:db frvi/dashing

Using this linking system, i can not use postgres inside the dashing container…

Some hint would be appreciated :smile:

Might be a better question for a Docker forum. I’m not sure how much expertise there is on this forum with Docker.

But then everybody who is running a NAS, from synology or QNAP could use
this OpenHAB dashboard.

Rich Koshak schrieb am Mo., 30. Nov. 2015

I’m not arguing that. I’m just saying that you might have better luck finding someone who can actually answer your question on a Docker forum given that your questions are all specific to Docker and not openHAB specific. Once you do get it working a tutorial would be very much appreciated by the openHAB community.