Linking hab's together

Is there a protocol for linking hab’s together?

I imagine having one Raspberry PI in the boilerroom measuring power, temperatures, waterconsumption, another in the greenhouse monitoring temperature, humidity and moisture,
Instead of having long wires from the sensors going to a central unit, these subunits will run autonomusly, and be wirelessly connected to the central unit.

Is this being done; is there a standard hab2hab protocol?

I don’t think it will work that way.
You should have only one OH server; on the other Pi’s with them sensor things use a protocol to submit the results to the OH server. MQTT is popular for that:

But of course what method to choose alsodepends on the type of sensors you want to use.

@Leif_Neland, Oli’s suggestion is a reasonable one, but you can have multiple OH servers. My system currently has a primary OH1 server and is integrated with an OH2 server for a few bindings (since I’m waiting for JSR223 to be supported in OH2 – and for it to become more stable). I use the MQTT event bus binding to integrate the OH servers.

OK, the “slave OH” uses MQTT to send data to master.
How to send commands from master to slave?

MQTT for commands too. See the MQTT Event Bus Binding documentation.

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