Linking KNX + Yahoo does not work


I just migrate from 2.2 to 2.3 and setup the new KNX Addon.

With 2.2 I hat this Config working totaly fine:

Number Mettmann_Temperatur "Aussentemperatur [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (gWeather) { channel="yahooweather:weather:mettmann:temperature" , knx="0/6/16"}
Setpoint item=Mettmann_Temperatur step=0.5 minValue=5 maxValue=30

So now I setup the the thing:

Type number     :   Mettmann_Temperatur   "Aussentemperatur" [ ga="9.001:0/6/16" ]

And did the linking inside the Items:

Number        Mettmann_Temperatur   "Aussentemperatur [%.1f °C]"    <temperature>    {channel="yahooweather:weather:mettmann:temperature", channel="knx:device:bridge:eibd:Mettmann_Temperatur" }

So now the value is coming from Yahoo just fine and is displayed on the BasicUI.

But it is not written to the KNX Bus.

When I set the value manual with the BasicUI it is written to the KNX Bus and is displayed on the device.

Even after an update is comming from Yahoo the value in the BasicUI is updated. But not on the KNX Bus / My Device.

Any Ideas what I’m doing wrong / how to fix this?

Thank you for your support


did you try also with number-control ?


I tried that but without success:

Type number-control     :   Mettmann_Temperatur   "Aussentemperatur" [ ga="9.001:0/6/16" ]

To make it even more strange:

I tried a workaround using a rule:

Type number-control     :   Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX   "Aussentemperatur" [ ga="9.001:0/6/16" ]
Number        Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX   "Aussentemperatur (KNX) [%.1f °C]"    <temperature>    {channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX" }
Number        Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo   "Aussentemperatur (web) [%.1f °C]"    <temperature>    {channel="yahooweather:weather:mettmann:temperature"}


Setpoint item=Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX step=0.5 minValue=5 maxValue=30 
            Setpoint item=Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo step=0.5 minValue=5 maxValue=30 

and created a rule:

rule "Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo Mapping"
    Item Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo changed
    Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX.state = Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo.state

Changes are transfered from Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo to Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX on the BasicUI but again not send to the bus.

But when I change Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX on BasicUI it is send to the bus


this rule is now working for me:

rule "Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo Mapping"
    Item Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo changed
    sendCommand(Mettmann_Temperatur_KNX, Mettmann_Temperatur_Yahoo.state)