Linux client for OH?

Has anyone considered developing/porting our android/ios client to linux? (platforms like ubuntu touch, mobian, postmarketos…) ?
considering OH being open source, freedom and linux centric, might be a good addition to the ecosystem.

I am using PinePhone myself, but there are other options (like ubuntu on pixel 3 etc…)

If you’re asking because you want to take on that job, I say go for it! If you are asking for someone else to pick up this idea, I’m not sure it’ll get very far. I doubt many of the current set of maintainers are running anything besides Android or iOS on their phones.

On a desktop type Linux, MainUI is a PWA I believe so you can install it like any other PWA (i.e. “Add to Home Screen”).

unfortunately I’m not a developer
True, I don’t think linux mobile apps will become a thing anytime soon :slight_smile:
thanks, I’ll try PWA on linux mobile…
btw I am running openhab via waydroid (picture it as a docker container for android apps on linux) - its working but it has some drawbacks…