Linux crashed while updating to 20.04 now I can't boot the system

hey all. I tried to update ubuntu 20.04 and when it rebooted I think something in grub broke and now it won’t boot. ive installed ubuntu live off a usb and installed boot repair. I did the recommended repair but this didn’t work

when I reboot I get the same
"error: symbol ‘grub_file_filters’ not found
entering rescue mode…
grub rescue>

please help.

How is this related to OpenHAB? Please try a Linux or Ubuntu forum.

This has my openHAB install on it. Chill out mate! If you have got nothing constructive to add I’d appreciate if you kept quiet!!!

Calm down please. Bruce is absolutely wright, your error is not related to openHAB but your OS, Ubuntu.
We rarely have Ubuntu experts here, so you will find answers in a Ubuntu community more easily.

Im perfectly calm and had already posted on a couple of other forums but at the moment nothing in my house is working so thought I’d try here too! There’s no harm in trying right!

Indeed, there is no harm in trying, but telling others off is not ok.

I am a former UNIX admin but have not worked much with Linux Grub boot issues. From your past, this looks interesting.

Falling back to read-only mount because the NTFS partition is in an
unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation
or fast restarting.)

Did you try booting into windows & shutting down first? Perhaps a windows Rescue disk?

It states the repair failed

An error occurred during the repair.

Did you do the following?

Please do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sda (ATA Samsung SSD 840) disk!

Asking here is like going into McDonalds and asking for their staff for farming advice. Although McDonalds uses food from farms, you would likely not find any farming help.

It is also against the forum policy but I have not (yet) reported this thread.

What if, one of the staff is actually a farmer beside working at McDonalds?
I bet if it was you, you would probably ask him, if you knew and needed to get an answer.

I have to admit, though you´re right, his post is not related to openhab what so ever, it may be related to others who perhaps runs openhab on the same system, and maybe even have been in the same situation, and maybe even have a solution.
Look at it as a try to seek experience with the issue he has among others running the same system. Should openhab ban something like this? For what reason?

His post should be marked as offtopic. Cause thats what it is, in my opinion!

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Just like somebody here would likely have the answer but you would likely have more success in a more appropriate venue. McDonalds does not haver a policy against that. The forum policy is that is is strictly for openHAB issues, not other required software.

Can you link this? I’m on mobile, and clicking on the hamburger bar on the top right of this forum, and clicking on FAQ, I can see no-such statement. What I can see includes

[…] a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation.

These are not hard and fast rules […]

Maybe I’ve missed something obvious.

Additionally, the forum is NOT dealing with general Home Automation topics, the focus is on openHAB. In some cases, various products or technologies which are not directly linked to openHAB can be discussed but with the proper title, category or tag.

From How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You

I see, so it’s a stickied forum post that’s being referred to, which also says, as you quote,

Sounds like this post is allowed, so probably fair to just move this to the Off-topic category. I shall do that. it’s already been done.

Worth bearing in mind that, depending on how users have their forum accounts setup, sticky posts aren’t actually sticky. When I’m logged in, for example, sticky posts don’t sit at the top of the ‘latest’ list.

I’m still surprised that mainstream ubuntu is so unfriendly when it comes to distribution updates.
I used to run some mining rigs on ubuntu, and everytime I did an update, I pretty much had kernel panic etc. I recommend that you consider changing OS.

  1. Run on dedicated hardware such as an RPI, run Openhabian and it will save you a lot of effort when updating.
  2. If you can’t run dedicated hardware, run openhabian in docker. Docker is great but it is extra overhead compare to bare metal and there is an additional layer of abstraction.
  3. If you insist on running a linux standalone, I recommend OpenSuse or CentOS as those are much more stable when it comes to updates.

Use the built in backup in Openhabian. If your hardware is damage or the OS stops working you will be back up running in no time.


I think the overall tone of the forum would be greatly improved if we all respond mostly the way Hans-Jörg did. This is my general approach. Rather than trying to police asking for help on non-related OH posts do your best to help but let the poster know that “there are not a lot of experts here on X and that they are more likely to find an answer on another forum.”

It doesn’t hurt to leave the post up as there might in fact be someone who can help. And it helps the original poster understand why if they don’t find help here. Everyone walks away happy.


I did list some ideas, helpful or otherwise. based on the logs

In regard to that exactly, I see it more as a general guideline if things gets totally out of control.
This topic is still regarding openhab, somehow. (openhab running on a specific OS). Its obvious that it may be a chance someone in here has had a simular issue. If not, the count in posts would probably be quite low, and therefore no harm done.

The forum policy covers fine, when things get out of controle from a whole different perspective, like discussing things which are not relate to openhab in any case. Cause the policy has to prevent the foum beeing filled with stuff which are not related.
Thats how I understand the intention of the policy.

You did. But you also indicated you havnt decided wether to delete the thread.

Here my 2 cents: Maybe it works for you:

Thumbs pressed!

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I ended up getting it sorted. during the ubuntu update grub was moved from one drive to another for some weird reason so all I had to do was select the other drive in the system in the bios and I was away laughing.

thanks for all the help guys!

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