Linux input Binding issue

I would like to use an USB Keyboard connected to RPi 4 to implement Linux input binding

But when I add the path, the status is offline.
I tried adding the path in three ways

Someone please do help me solve this issue.
Thanks in advance

Did you try discovery as listed in the official documentation?

Did you read the part in the docs about access rights? What actions did you take about that?

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So many ways to say Read The Fine Manual… :roll_eyes:

Yes, but I dont know how to give openhab, rights to access /dev/input files.

Can you please help me to configure the Udev rules in linux

Okay, so you read the part about it being necessary but haven’t done it yet. Sounds like something to follow up on.

I can’t help you with Linux, I know nothing about it.
I don’t know how helpful this sort of thing is?

If you want openhab to have access to all your input devices you can also make your openhab user part of the “input” group.

gpasswd -a <youruser> input

If you want more fine-grained permissions for the input devices you will have to write a custom udev rule that matches the devices that openhab can access.