Linux Permissions for OpenHab

What is the proper way to configure permissions for OpenHab, so I can edit the files on a Windows PC?

I am running OpenHab on a Linux box that also runs a NAS. Unfortunately my Linux skills are limited. I have 2 user IDs; openhab and myself. openHab is running fine as is all the NAS shares (samba). I access the NAS through the myself user.

I have the openHab files shared with samba but using the myself user windows says only read rights. Need some help figuring out how to give myself permission to edit the openHab files.

This samba config worked for me:

I’ll jump on this thread with a similar problem.

I run Openhabian on a Raspi3. It runs fine and I have the Samba shares running.
Editing the configs from the Windows PC is also ok.

Problem is with the Logs:
OH is generating more and more logfiles over time with the extensisons 1,2,3…
I want to delete them, but this is not possible on the share \OPENHABIANPI\openHAB-log
What do I need to do to change that?

Change your config to:

read only = no
writeable = yes

Thanks, the read only = no was not included in the smb.conf, it looks now like this:

  comment=openHAB2 log files
  read only=no
  only guest=no
  create mask=0777
  directory mask=0777

…but still I can’t delete from the Windows side. It says the file is write protected.
As file attributes under security I see:
User everyone has only read permission
User openhab (Unix user/openhab) das read/write