LIRC binding missing

I feel like I a missing something obvious, but I’ve got openHAB installed and I was able to find some of the key bindings I was looking for, but not LIRC. On the list, it indicates it’s since 2.x and install auto,which I thought meant it should be in the binding list without having to do something to add it manually, but it goes from LIFX to Lutron.

Any help is appreciated.


I am not sure but when the binding is not in the paper-ui list to install it should be integrated by default ?!

Some Bindings are installed by default so you dont have to install it … maybe this is one of them …

Just follow the Binding description and try it.

Lirc binding is present in the SNAPSHOT builds:
You, probably, run openhab 2.1 STABLE release…

Thanks for the updates, not sure why I didn’t see these posts earlier when I searched, but it looks like this is only included in the v2.2 releases, grabbed the latest snapshot thanks to OH2 LIRC binding?

and then updated a issue based on Initialization problem with openHAB 2.2 Build 1017 on Windows 10