Lirc - TX-RX Transmitter InfraRred

Hello, I need advice.
My home automation system is managed by Openhab version 1.8, installed on raspberry, I would like to control different equipment (TV-DVD-HiFi) by InfraRed command.
I have read that you must use it as Lirc software, can you help me on the type of hardware to use?
The top would be that the proposed hardware is wi-fi

Have a look at the Broadlink RM3 very cheap from China (aliexpress or Ebay). It works with this binding:

The binding is still a bit beta and requires a lot of fiddling to get the encrypted commands. Once set up, it works reliably though. I use it to control an air conditioner.

but can you help me with a guide or practical examples?


I’ve used an IR plug-on board ( on an Rpi3. The pi is integrated via WiFi. I’m running Openhabian (OH2.2stable) on that same pi.

The below Tutorials were a great help to setup LIRC:

I didn’t succeed with the LIRC binding, so I’m using the exec binding to send commands to the IR transmitter.
It’s working smoothly.


Thank you. I had trouble with the binding at first but if memory serves I didnt do anything to fix it it just started working. I can receive on it too. Only use it for the tv power when I’m being lazy though.

Mi spieghi la procedura del binding exec

can I use Broadlink RM3 with openhab 1.8?
how should the configuration be done?

I think not, as it is an OH 2 binding. Please see my above linked thread for configuration examples.

Interesting - I just checked, because I forgot I had it running still: The binding does actually work and I can indeed receive commands as well. :slight_smile:
I’m happy with the exec way though :wink:

Thanks again for your sharing your knowhow. It was of great help while setting up my remote.
While the LIRC way comes in handy during times when I seem to have lost my TV Remote in outer space, I actually use it within rules like switching to the right input on the TV, when I want my homecinema up and running, or turning off the TV before the plug to save the (Samsung) transistors to die too quickly on the TV boards.


Hey, no problem at all. You hit the nail on the head, I mainly use it in rules. Although kinda handy to up the volume or switch source on my hdmi switch.

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