List Item Widget for OpenUV Binding [;]

This is an UI List Item Widget to view the UV Index information with the OpenUV Binding.

Only use with List Card with accordion and rich list items option set to true.

Support to use a light and a dark background.

Configuration parameters:

  • All title string

  • Icons - Use f7:iconName (Framework7 icon), material:iconName (Material icon) or iconify:iconSet:iconName

  • Visibility of Gauges and Label item (Max UV Index for the day, Ozone level, Safe exposure time)


  • UVIndex Item

  • Alert Item - Alert level associated to given UV Index

  • UVMax item - Max UV Index for the day

  • UVMaxTime - Max UV Index datetime

  • Ozone item - Ozone level

  • SafeExposure item - Safe exposure time



Standard Library List Card


Configure List



Version 0.2

Version 0.1

  • initial release



Thanks, that’s really nice.

New Version 0.2

  • New icons
  • New subtitle UV Max Time
  • New parameters for Gauges visibility
  • New Gauges Indice
  • use @ symbol in front of an item name string as a shortcut to the displayState from the items dictionary with a fallback to the raw state

Shouldn’t you therefore add a version range to the headline? This change breaks openHAB 3 compatibility.

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