List Item Widget Netatmo Wind module [;]

List Item Widget for the Netatmo Wind module Netatmo Binding.

Beaufort scale (Text and color icon)
Use with unit “km/h”
Only use with List Card with accordion and rich list items option set to true.
Support to use a light and a dark background.

Netatmo icons

Configuration parameters:

  • All title string
  • Icon header - Use f7:iconName (Framework7 icon), material:iconName (Material icon) or iconify:iconSet:iconName
  • Visibility of gauge, graph and List item


  • Current average wind speed item
  • Current average wind direction item
  • Maximum wind strength recorded item
  • Moment when Max Wind Strength was recorded item
  • Highest gust wind speed item
  • Highest gust wind direction item
  • Battery item
  • Signal item




Version 0.2

  • Fix bug gauge wind direction

Version 0.1

  • initial release


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There is a problem in the display of wind direction no ?

netamo apps



Correct, you’re right :+1:

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many thanks for freeboxos binding and netatmo binding :+1:

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