List of API endpoints?

Hey everyone!
So, I don’t know why I’m struggling to find this in the docs anywhere, but I’ve been trying to find a simple aggregated list of OpenHAB’s rest API endpoints. Basically, I just need a reference sheet for everything that’s in the API explorer. Does anyone know where I could find something like that so I can develop my own custom tool? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

Isn’t the API Explorer self documenting ?

What do you mean? If you’re asking me whether or not API explorer is dynamically documented (pulled up and created at runtime), then I believe so. However, that’s precisely my problem. I need it in a static document, not a dynamic one. Having to click through each and every API endpoint is precisely the problem I’m solving to solve sadly.

No, there is no such document as endboints are added sometimes and it would be more effort for the devs to take cate of a document instead of what swagger delivers for the API explorer.
But feel free to make a suggestion how such a document can be created automatically….

You can also use the openHAB OpenAPI spec to generate documentation. E.g. download and use it with one of the many tools (search for “openapi to html/markdown” etc).

You can also generate docs after importing the spec on SwaggerHub using the “Export” menu:


Maybe someone finds some time to generate docs like this in builds and add it to the website automatically for easy reference. :slight_smile:

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had a look for a similar tool in the meantime
openHAB REST API.pdf (646.7 KB)


Oh, lookie there! Well ironically enough, an OpenAPI spec was quite literally what I was trying to get my hands on. This is exactly what I needed! You are amazing thank you!

Now that I have this, if anyone here has a GPT plus subscription, there might be something special waiting for y’all to try out on the GPT store when it gets released :wink:.

If I happen to make a doc that’s useful, I’m more than happy to make a PR on github for future builds too if that’s what you’re asking for. Something like that might not just be useful, but pretty necessary here if I want to keep my tool up to date.

Stay tuned is all I’m gonna say.