List of Australian/New Zealand Z-wave suppliers

Continuing the discussion from Hardware in the Australian market - cbus, legrand etc:

Exploring the Z-wave options further, here is a list of suppliers in no particular order for the AU/NZ market, feel free to share others you know about, and/or experiences…


New Zealand

Another good one i have used is - Aeon/Fibraro

I would recommend caution using should you stumble across it.
See this thread - they were smarthome but sold it to resurrect as smarthomepro…caveat emptor!

This list is little out of date now,
Ben from Smart Things NZ now gone, is now main one for New Zealand

Can we get the list updated

Also can we split the suppliers in to Aus and NZ
As while frequency is the same, its actual different radio and electrical standards.
So if in NZ we cant just get the things from Auz would out checking up on radio and electrical standards plus having to complete a SDoC if import an item. SDoC more issue if selling or installing for other people.

Also you can find Aeotec product in New Zealand in our website

Hi, We’re also a supplier of Aeotech and few other smart home brands.

You don’t list any prices. Do you only sell to dealers?

Hi Ben,

We do both. the login on the website is for trade/techs who can do the install on their own. We also do complete (turnkey) solutions to the public. Feel free to register online or email us at for pricing.


Thanks - but would prefer to be able to view pricing without having to register. That is pretty typical I would have thought, for online stores?

Hi Ben, some of my suppliers are channel only and will not allow us to advertise pricing. Apologies for the inconvenience. Registration only takes 5 mins or you can email us for prices on

We have fixed the issues with the suppliers and now you can view prices and place orders without the need to register.

B.One Hub is the new brand that has compatibility with all Z wave devices. Being the emerging it’s best of it’s kind. do Fibaro & Aeotec