List of available sounds that can be played on Amazon Echo devices

Through some googling I found the following three sounds are available as an alarm sound with an Amazon Echo device:


Interestingly the syntax / expected strings are not fix (they also appear to work without the numbers).

Since only two of those three are listed in the Amazon Echo Control Binding documentation, my question is: Is this it? Or are there more sounds that can be played?

Have a look at:

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Two quick follow-up questions on that:

  • My three examples mentioned above do not appear in that Amazon-list. Are they of a different type?
  • I’m not 100% sure yet on the usage of the items in that Amazon-list. The example mentions in the article (soundbank://soundlibrary/animals/amzn_sfx_bear_groan_roar_01), dows not work if being used like this in openHAB…

events.sendCommand('Echo_Bad_AlarmSound', 'soundbank://soundlibrary/animals/amzn_sfx_bear_groan_roar_01');

and using it like this…

events.sendCommand('Echo_Bad_AlarmSound', 'amzn_sfx_bear_groan_roar_01');

plays the normal “system_alerts_repetitive01”-sound (so some interpretation is going on in the background).

Am I misunderstanding something here?

What’s also a bit confusing: The Amazon-list mentions the jingle-names with lots of " " (blanks) in between

but their example above uses a different syntax:

It is some time ago that I played a bit with it. A the time I tried it I used something like


in a DSL rule.


I now figured out the syntax to play sounds. What’s important:

  1. In order to use one of the three continuous alarms (system_alerts_repetitive01, system_alerts_atonal_02, system_alerts_soothing_01) they have to be sent to .playAlarmSound
    events.sendCommand("Echo_Bad_AlarmSound", "system_alerts_atonal_02");
  2. In order to use the sounds listed here Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library | Alexa Skills Kit they have to be sent to to .textToSpeech in the following syntax.
    events.sendCommand("Echo_Bad_Speak", '<speak>Alarm! <audio src="soundbank://soundlibrary/scifi/amzn_sfx_scifi_alarm_06"/></speak>');

The only thing I have not yet managed to get done: Playing an alarm without the need to say a word upfront. In my case, just sending a sound without a word upfront results in not playing anything at all.

Did you try sending something like a . or similar? That’s not spoken text, but not empty. IIRC TTS messages without any text are discarded.

Good idea.

I just tried out a couple of special characters (,.~§%&), and they’re all spoken out… :smiley: So “Alarm!” appears to be the best alternative.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I’ve been trying to get Echo to play a soundbank sound without spoken text. Thought I’d add this as it seems to work for me:

KitchenEcho_Speak.sendCommand('<speak><audio src="soundbank://soundlibrary/musical/amzn_sfx_electronic_beep_01"/>...</speak>')

I’d guess that the ellipsis is interpreted as a pause? Hope it helps.

Thanks for your addition, @Boxington.

I just tried out your solution, both “…” (as three dots) as well as “…” (the single ASCII character), and all of them are spoken out by Alexa in one senseful way or another. :sweat_smile: Maybe it’s because I’m using the German Alexa.

So for now I’ll stick to adding “Alarm!” as a word upfront and then play the sound. This also somehow makes sense in my use case.