Litle off topic - how to clone an MCU?

Hi i am trying to clone a MCU the name is STC 12C5404

i trying to understand if i need some kind of DEV board
or any other hardware?
or any help with software will be welcome!

You will need the documentation for the MCU first of all
Then there will probably be a way to read the memory.
You will (again probably) need an arduino or equivalent to send the instructions to the mcu to read the memory and dump it via serial to your PC.
Once you have the bin file, you should be able to dump it into another MCU via the arduino
You will have to write the arduino sketches yourself
Timing and clocking issues will likely arise…

This is not going to be easy!!

Hi Vincent what about something like this?

the machine i am trying to fix cost allot more and its worth the 100$ i will spend on parts, anyone knows if i can just clone MCU with above software and hardware?

i have another chip like this and i swapped them for testing and it works so i am pretty sure i just need to clone