LivarnoLUX RGB doesn't change color

Hey Guys,

I just bought some LivarnoLux RGB Bulbs
I’m able to connect them, and I can change the color temperature, and the brightness. I had to send "openhab:send RGBLamp_color “0,0,0"” to see the color sliders, which is explained in this thread. When I move the brightness slider it get’s less or more bright, but saturation or color don’t work.
Do you have an Idea where to start? I’m pretty new in Zigbee, thus knowing not much about it.

My Setup: Openhab3 in docker, CC2531 stick (working with Hue), ZigBee Binding

Thank you in Advance,

These bulbs can’t process rgb values. You need to talk with xy values to them.

I tried to find the information via googeling, but I didn’t find how to do that. Are you aware of a tutorial for that?

You can try reviewing the source code of zigbee2mqtt as they do the conversion.

Then I guess I have to do this, was my last resort if no one else can help me.

Thank you!

You can also try to migrate over to zigbee2mqtt and then you don’t need to worry about this. I never tried Openhab’s zigbee module but zigbee2mqtt is actively developed and supports a lot of devices; additionally the MQTT service can come handy for other use cases.


Did you have any luck on this topic ? I have the same issue but I’m not familiar with mqtt.

I tried zigbee2mqtt, which was working well for me, but I switched to HomeAssistant after that. Seemed more user friendly than Openhab3.
Sorry for not being of help for you!


did anyone have progress with the LivarnoLUX RGB work with the zigbee binding?

Also if the xy Values send to the Livarno (eg. 0.64,0.33, ) there are no color set. Only brightness works.