LMS, PollyTTS no voice

i try to setup voice service in OH 2.5.0 M1

233 ? Active   ?  80 ?     ? Polly Text-to-Speech

224 ? Active   ?  80 ? 2.5.0.M1               ? SqueezeBox Binding

i suppouse my problem is chanles in audio files. I found some tts files from amazon in cache OH folder and they have single channel. This files plays directly from LMS without problem. But no sound
when i play it using OH : smarthome:audio play tat.mp3

This is part of log:

09:38:40.498 [DEBUG] [ueezebox.internal.SqueezeBoxAudioSink] - Processing audioStream of format AudioFormat [codec=MP3, container=NONE, ]
09:38:40.507 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.SqueezeBoxPlayerHandler] - Play notification sound on player 00:00:00:00:00:06 at URI
09:38:40.516 [DEBUG] [nternal.handler.SqueezeBoxPlayerState] - Cur State: vol=43, mut=NOT MUTED, pwr=ON, stp=NOT STOPPED, ctl=PLAYING, shf=OFF, rpt=OFF, tix=0, tnm=1, tim=307
09:38:40.535 [DEBUG] [.handler.SqueezeBoxNotificationPlayer] - Setting up player for notification
09:38:40.548 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.SqueezeBoxServerHandler] - Sending command: 00:00:00:00:00:06 stop
09:38:40.573 [DEBUG] [.handler.SqueezeBoxNotificationPlayer] - Adding notification message to playlist
09:38:40.622 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.SqueezeBoxServerHandler] - Sending command: 00:00:00:00:00:06 playlist add Notification
09:38:41.091 [TRACE] [smarthome.event.ItemStateEvent       ] - Received event of type 'ItemStateEvent' under the topic 'smarthome/items/SqueezeLiteNewKitchen_Control/state' with payload: '{"type":"PlayPause","value":"PAUSE"}'

This link - produce 404 error. Please help with this problem.