Load Binding Manually not found


I try to load bindings manualy. The sony binding works. One of this where not found in Logs and not found in PaperUI: [New Binding] EMBY Server Binding - Alpha
I have wrote there, but I hope for universal tipps what I can make if bindings (not only the emby binding) not loaded. The chown rights are correct.

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Manually installed bindings do not show up in the Paper UI. You can log in to the Karaf console to verify if they are running.

Thank you. I think you meean this?

ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost

There I don’t find any information. With bundle::list ein don’t see it and with log:tail I not see error or something.

When I read the emby binding it sounds like i found the things in paperui

The Things would appear in the Paper UI but I thought you were talking about the binding not appearing.

Oh sorry. My english is not so good. My problem is that I don’t find information of the binding in PaperUI and in console I don’t see informations. Also I don’t find things in paperUI for this Plugin.

Givs any other Debug tools?

Looking at the date of that thread, the binding may not have been updated to run on openHAB 2.5.x.

Ok this is … :smiley:
I think I search allways bindings wher enot work in 2.5 :smiley:
Thank you for your help

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Do you know in whit file this is defined? When I found I can try to create a own jar file of the code and can try. But When i show the github repository I don’t find entries for openhab version.

There were many organizational changes between Mlestone 1 & 2 of 2.5. I am not a developer but in some bindings, paths needed to be changed. The build system was also changed at that time.
It was around that time I started with openHAB.

Ok thank you. So i must hope that the developer change this

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Something you can try is to use openhabian-config tool, from option 10 select “Apply Needed Packages” and see if that makes a difference. :crossed_fingers: Also, while you’re there I would select “add svr mounts” and “fix permissions” just to make sure all is good.