Load HabPanel on tablet?

I’m gonna embarrass myself right here>>> I cant figure out how to get my Habpanel to display on a tablet. There’s something really obvious that I’m missing, but I just don’t see it. I’ve looked thru docs, tutorials, google, and this forum. Everyone else gets it but I just haven’t. . .

I’m still in early stages of OH; I have a rudimentary installation and am happy with a small sitemap, etc so far. It displays well in BasicUI. Thought I’d break away and play with Habpanel for a while.

I created a simple panel (test) with a couple dashboards and a few wigets on the desktop and can interact with it there. (I saved it to the server rather than local.) When I open the tablet’s browser to the Habpanel page, I can find test on the Settings page but it never “loads”. The side drawer on the desktop shows the panel test with the dashboards; the side drawer on the tablet is empty.

What am I missing? Thanks

On your device, when in HABPanel: click on the gear icon top right, click on Panel Settings, then under ‘Current storage configuration’ select whatever is not Local storage.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I’ve been expecting, yet when I try tapping it - nothing. I can trash it, but no other places to tap, push, pound, or smash, or stomp on. It just sits there and sneers at me. . .

Now I’m wondering if it’s a problem with the OH installation. I made an additional panel to try. It appears in Habpanel’s Settings page, but I can’t click on it even on the desktop. Plus, both the original (server) configuration AND the Local storage circles are filled. I would expect only one of the three options to be selected and any one time. (Correct?)

Hit refresh on your browser, some browsers use cache and it could be displaying an old copy it has stored in cache and not what is really on the openhab server.

Edit if you are running habpanel from inside the Android openhab app. Then you need to close the app and restart it to clear the cache from what I have found recently. Some tablets don’t close the app and leave it running in the background.

Thanks. Did a full reboot on the RPi and on the tablet. Used a different browser on the desktop, all no joy. I just flashed a new SD card, installing a fresh OH now. Will see how that goes (keeping the card I had been using)

No, was not using Android App, just a browser

Correct something weird is going on. Do you always do a proper shutdown or do u pull the power cable on the pi to restart? Do u use zram and do you have a known good power supply for the pi?

Yup, always proper shutdown. Ditto power supply.

Flashed new card, fresh install working as expected